Trade Games For Credit!

UPDATED 3/17/2016

Heres how it works.

For every game that is send in, you will receive a coupon code worth the price listed below for each game you send in that is on the list below. These codes are yours to do whatever you want. You can use them to purchase games from the site, you can sell/give them to a friend, they are your codes! You may send in as many duplicate games as you wish.

When will I receive the code?

Once the game is received, you will be contacted via email with your code. With the shipment, please include your name and email address so that I may send the code to you once the games are received.

Cart Condition

All carts must be in good cosmetic, working condition. The plastic must be free of discoloring, bad scratches etc. No corrosion on the boards, and battery must be in working order (if applicable). I do not like purchasing games like this, and im sure collectors do not want them in return! =-)

Where do I ship the games to?

Please contact us via the Contact Us page with a list of games we should be expecting. At this time we will give you our shipping address to send the games. It is suggested (but not required) that you use a delivery confirmation for your shipment, as we are not responsible for lost games in the mail.

Here is a list of games that we are looking for at this time:

$12.00 - NES

  • Base Wars
  • Crystalis
  • Deja Vu
  • Gold Medal Challenge (capcom)
  • Kirbys Adventure
  • Magician
  • Might & Magic
  • Pool of Radiance
  • Shadowgate
  • Tecmo Basketball
  • Tecmo Superbowl
  • Uninvited
  • Wario Woods
  • Bard's Tale
  • Golf Power
  • Hillsfar
  • NES Open Golf
  • Ultima: Exodus
  • Ultima: Quest of the Avatar
  • Ultima: War Destiny
  • Zelda Part 1

$10.00 - NES

  • Bill Elliot Nascar
  • Bo Jackson Baseball
  • Bugs bunny birthday blowout
  • Dracula (imagesoft)
  • felix the cat
  • gauntlet 2
  • home alone
  • image fight
  • jurassic park
  • kid klown
  • king quest 5
  • MC Kids
  • Roundball
  • Silver Surfer
  • Star Wars
  • Super Mario Bros 2
  • Super Mario Bros 3
  • Tetris 2
  • Tiny Toon workshop
  • where in time is carmen
  • where's waldo

$12.00 - SNES


  • NHL 95/96/97/98
  • Madden 95/96/97/98
  • NBA Live 96/97/98
  • Ken Griffey Jr Winning Run
  • Ken Griffey Jr Major League Baseball
  • NHL 95/96/97/98
  • College Slam
  • ESPN Sunday Night NFL
  • FIFA Soccer 96
  • Fifa Soccer 97
  • NBA Showdown
  • FIFA 96
  • ESPN Speed World
  • ESPN National Hockey Night
  • ESPN Sunday Night NFL

$5.00 - Genesis


  • Troy Aikman Football
  • College Football II National Championship
  • Toy Story