Q: How long does it take to receive the games?

A: Depending on how many orders are in, please allow around 30-37 days after payment was sent before shipment. Sometimes longer, depending on how many orders are in. If this is an issue, please email. (Current as of 08/23/16)

Q: So what exactly am I paying for?? A: The ONLY thing that you are paying for, is the materials, wire, solder, ink for the labels, label paper, and the time it takes me to build the cartridge for you etc.

A: What you are NOT paying for, is the rom/image of the game All of the rom's can be downloaded all across the internet.

Q: Speaking of Labels, Can I provide my own?

A: YES. If you wish to have a custom label on your cart, feel free to make one and I will gladly put it on at no extra charge to you.

Q: I purchased a reproduction from you, and it no longer works properly. What can I do?

A: If you pay for shipping, I will fix it free of charge, as long as it has not been opened and tampered with.

Q: Speaking of repairs, what type of warranty come with these games?

A: All of my game's come with a LIFETIME warranty, which includes craftsmanship, batteries, or anything else that may go wrong with the carts. We strive to provide Great quality and worksmanship on our game's to assure you that they should never need repaired.

Q: Will these games work on non authentic systems?

A: All games at guaranteed to work on authentic systems. There are no guarantees that they will work on aftermarket systems.

Q: Is This Legal?

A: Creating these cart's that were never released into the US market, are Legal. None of the developer's, programmers, or company's are losing money due to this. These are game's that were never released, and therfore not taking away from any of there profits.

Q: There's a game that I want, but you do not have it listed, can you do custom games?

A: Sure can. Just send me the rom so that I can examine it to make sure it is one that can be reproduced. With custom games I cant guarentee that all levels/areas in the game work properly.

Q: Sounds good, I wish to place an order, how can I do this?

A: Just find the game you want, email me (Contact bottom left corner in information box) to verify if I have the item's in stock that you want, click add to cart, go to checkout.

Due to the age of these games, some carts may have light scratching

All games are guaranteed to work on US/NTSC Authentic Nintendo Branded Systems. I test games on authentic NES/SNES/Genesis Systems. Other pirate systems should work, but please do research beforehand. We are not responsible for compatibility issues with non-authentic systems

Q: There is a bug in my game, can I trade it in for a different one or have it repaired?

A: Sorry, we can not repair a bug in a game or exchange it for another game. Please do your homework before making a purchase to verify any information you need to do on any specific game.

EFFECTIVE 06/02/2016 For orders placed after this date: We have started using brand new, snap together shells for SNES games. We will still use authentic, screw together shells when we have them in good condition. Otherwise, brand new aftermarket snap together shells will be used.

We try to use authentic game cases when we can, but due to the age of these (some at this point are over 30 years old!) there may be minor imperfections on some cases.

Using Store Credit: If you are using store credit, orders may be pushed back slightly longer than the initial given time frame depending on the amount of orders currently in.

LAST UPDATED: 06/02/2016