Date added: 03/17/2017 SSL issues fixed

SSL is now renewed for secure checkout.

Date added: 11/20/2016 Shipping Times

Please keep in mind that most orders ship approx 30-37 days after payment. This will be updated as things change.

Date added: 10/02/2014 AOL USERS: PLEASE READ!

Everyone using an AOL email, I am getting a ton of emails sent back from the AOL servers stating the message has been rejected by their servers. If you have a non AOL email, please use those instead. Thanks!

Date added: 06/23/2014 Premium label FAQ

Ive had several people inquire about what the Premium label upgrade is, so I figured I would post here =)

Premium labels are printed on a more expensive, higher/premium quality sticker. They have more gloss than the regular labels do.

Date added: 05/29/2014 Catching up on emails + new gift certificate/store credit feature

I have resolved my email issues and will be catching up on them over the next few days.

I am also pleased to announce that we have started issuing store credit in the form of a gift certificate. These gift certificates are valid for only 1 year from the date of issue. Due to a bug in the store software, these will not turn to expire mode, so you will need to pay attention to the date it was issued. All gift certs are null and void after 1 year, even if the system accepts it after this time or not.

Date added: 03/07/2014 Shipping Times

As of 3/6/2014, most orders are shipping around 30-35 days after payment at this time due to high backlog.

Date added: 03/06/2014 New Site FAQ

Q) Why can't I log into my account?

A) Due to a major site upgrade, all accounts have been removed. Feel free to create another.

Q) I had an order in on the site before it was redone. Is my order still OK?

A) Yes it is! I have all order information backed up, so no orders were lost in the transition.